Holy TARDIS of Galifrey! A crack in the skin of the Universe. In my piece of toast! Silence will fall. #doctor who

So my son, Sam, is two weeks old now.

My friend bought him a winter hat. A moose hat.

Complete with antlers.

So my son Sam has a moose hat.

Tumblr is really the only place that will understand the ironic hilarity of that.


One Last Hurrah - a Matt gifset per episode: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (part 1, part 2)

I don’t know why I keep shouting at them.
Because very time you see them happy, you remember how sad they’re going to be… And it breaks your heart. Because what’s the point in them being happy now if they’re going to be sad later? The answer is, of course… Because they are going to be sad later.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you wear a suit.

That is probably the most gorgeous piece of clothing I have ever seen in my life - no fucking joke. The tailoring is perfect, and I mean perfect. The pants are tight but not too tight, the shirt just passing the jacket sleeves, and a close-fitting waistcoat underneath: textbook. 

I mean, it’s just a delight to look at. The deep blue, in an irresistible sheeny fabric, with those splendidly lustrous silk lapels… Oh my god, I have lost the ability to function. 

You are one classy motherfucker Thomas.



yes, of course i forgive you.

*incoherent sobbing*

The Empty Hearse: A summary

oh, god, please don’t tell me Sherstrade is going to be a thing now..



Part one of two (part two)

This right here is why Sherlock the series is different from other “tortured hero” works, particularly American ones (looking at you, Elementary and House, though I did love a good chunk of the latter’s run). Sherlock is not going to be “fixed.” The show doesn’t believe Sherlock needs to be fixed. 

Does he need to be more aware of others’ feelings? Sure. 

Does he need loved ones in his life to care about, and to care about him? Yes. 

Does he need to show appreciation to said loved ones? Absolutely. 

But he does he need to change who he is? No.

Other characters think he’s weird, and the show says, “Yeah, he is. And?” 

No one, not even his best friend, knows his sexual orientation. The show says, “So what?”

He’s a virgin. The show says, “He doesn’t want to have sex. Who cares?”

The whole point of this scene between Sherlock and Mycroft is that being different isn’t bad, but isolating yourself is. Both Sherlock and Mycroft are strange ducks, but whereas Mycroft is lonely because he wants to put himself above it all, Sherlock is not. Sherlock realizes that being lonely doesn’t make you special, the beauty of life is in finding those people who will love and appreciate you as that strange duck you are. Sherlock is needling Mycroft in this scene because he wants that for his brother. 

"He’s different - so what. Why would he mind. Why would anyone mind?"

For terriblesmaug. Because.

No one will ever convince me that Moffatt is not a troll. 

"I asked you to stop being dead."
"I heard you."





in a nutshell



HE EATS! He is never seen eating, but here! LOOK at this! He is like a real human that needs to fuel his body with like actual food!

Why “Raggedy Man, Goodnight” was the best line that Amelia Pond has ever uttered:



Because it’s the end of a bedtime story. The story of a little girl who waited in a garden and grew up to be one of the most remarkable women in the universe. The story of a woman who was forever seared onto the hearts of a raggedy man, who never forgot her. Even after she was gone, it was all still a story…a story in his head. And that’s okay. Because it was a good one. Because it was the best. This is the story of our raggedy doctor, and this is how it ends.